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A Look at Fish Oil

Fish oil, extracted from the fat of deep sea fish, is a source of Ω-3(Omega-3), a kind of unsaturated fat that is rich in EPA and DHA. Omega-3 fatty acid is an essential component of metabolism. However our bodies do not produce Omega-3 but rely on food intake to meet daily requirement. 

Benefits of Fish Oil
Heart Health Brain Health Joint Health
Improves vascular tone Provides essential nutrients to the brain Lubricates joint and increases joint flexibility
Enhances eye health Supports normal brain functions Repairs joint injury

Fish oil is the choice supplement for supporting a busy and hectic lifestyle. Modern diets are unhealthy and unbalanced and high in fats and meat. Insufficient intake of fish and high consumption of meats lead to an increase in fat in the diet and inadequate amount of omega-3. Fish Oil supplement is the ideal and easiest way to increase the amount of omega-3 in your diet. Adequate amounts of Omega-3 ensures the health of our cardiovascular system, improve metabolism, and boost mental sharpness and concentration. For young children, Omega-3 would give their growing brains a much needed boost, improving their intellect, alertness and concentration. Growing awareness towards the benefits of Omega-3 has made fish oil a popular choice supplement. Browse our extensive range of fish oil supplements for the ideal omega-3 supplement for you and your family!