Premium Health Supplement Collection

How We started

Vitalstar health (Singapore) begun with the single intention of bringing high quality supplements and service to Singapore. We take pride in sourcing from the best in the world and in ensuring the utmost safety of our products. We currently distribute 2 brands from the US, NuoWeiKon Health Food and Firstwell Inc.

Our Brands - Firstwell Inc & NuoWeiKon Health Food

Firstwell is renowned US brand that has been pushing the frontier of research, development and manufacture of dietary supplements throughout the world. Its commitment to produce the highest quality products is evident from the team of nutritional expects and food scientists that undertake extensive and vigorous research to design formulas that are potent and are easily absorbed by the human body. FirstWell is the “No.1 Nutrition Brand in the America” and it is certainly a trustworthy brand that people around the world can count on for the best nutritional supplements.

NuoWeiKon is the most trusted and recommended US health dietary supplement choice for ladies. NuoWeiKon understands the health challenges that women face in the various stages of life and has launched a line of products that are especially catered to meet these needs. Specially formulated for the female body and harvesting from the finest ingredients, NuoWeiKon ensures that women are able to enjoy the maximum goodness of its products and take on life with energy, confidence and glow.

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Our Commitment

Here at Vitalstar Health, we are committed to providing the highest quality health supplement while meeting the standards of present day safety regulations. Your health and safety is our utmost priority. The current health supplement market is extremely exciting and ever changing due to new emerging evidence and discoveries. We are always on the lookout for new supplements that are beneficial to your health while keeping safety and quality in mind.

In addition to ensuring the quality of our products, continuous staff training and commitment to the customer, Vitalstar also strives to provide quality customer service. Choose Vitalstar Health as your trusted partner in health supplement provider!

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